italian food, american grill We shall now talk about the things we are most proud of. First and foremost, this is our fresh and rich in flavor pasta. On the second place, our lean grilled-meat specialties, made on an authentic American grill, which specially smokes meat. Here we prepare dishes in unique cast iron wares of finest quality with the Staub brand, which help the courses to be baked even. You specially will not forget the odor of our pork, chicken, beef, fish, and calamari. You would simply adore our crispy and fresh salads, spaghetti and risotto, nourishing pizzas, and last but not least, our favorite desserts. Only here and nowhere else you will find a delightful Prosciutto bar that will please your taste with distinguished salami and cheese accompanied by home-made bread with humus and butter with pomegranate.  line

Olive oil

Because we rely deeply on the perfect taste of our meals, we cook with olive oil which has the best and healthiest features of the Extra Virgin class. Moreover, it is being provided and produced especially for out restaurant.


Our list of all these alcohol potions is long enough to make your head spinning around. But there is two distinctive – one with the Vino Rosso label and other with Vino Bianco label – which you should try out by all means. This way you would be certain that good Bulgarian wines are not lacking behind the Western classical sorts.


In our restaurant this French product is one hundered percent original and it’s made from an old-fashioned recipes. This is the best guarantee for its splendid taste and demanding presense over many types of dishes in out menu.

The good news is that all of the three products in concern (olive oil, wine and mustard) could be bought from our restaurant.